Who We Are

Dorothy Team is a group of extraordinarily talented software engineers and computer scientists leading technologies in web browser, web platform and web OS. We are developing WebKit-based products and solutions, and also actively participating in the development of the open source project WebKit.

Our vision is to speed up the performance of WebKit on embedded systems such as mobile phones, smart TVs and STBs by utilizing GPU and multi-core CPU.We are currently focusing on the rendering speed of WebKit, especially the performance of CSS3 animation and HTML5 canvas to bring rich interactive applications and games into the Web.

Our Products


CanvasGL is a hardware-accelerated HTML5 canvas implementation integrated into WebKit. With CanvasGL, mobile HTML5 web applications will have the richness of native applications without requiring non-standard APIs.

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Parallel Rendering Suite

Parallel Rendering Suite is our collection of rendering acceleration technologies leveraging both multi-core CPU and GPU. It consists of the following components:
1) Parallel CanvasGL 2) GPU Process
3) Threaded Compositor 4) Deferred Rendering

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Parallel Parser

Our Parallel HTML5 Parser is a technology which accelerates the speed of HTML parsing with multi-core CPU.

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Parallel Image Decoder

Parallel Image Decoder allows WebKit to decode images off the main thread.

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